Thursday, December 20, 2007

LoFt Teambuilding Film Workshop

Believe it or believe it Cre8ive8 managed to get to LOFT right before the end of the end of 2007… of course not literally speaking, cause after all not many words keep their literal meaning in the mad world of Cre8ive8.

Anyways, we really had a contact with LOFT, which in the C8 dictionary means:

- LoFT (>loft<) Leap of Faith Together project aiming to break stereotypes among young people, by implementing a local project in Skopje and bilateral exchange with teams from BiH and Romania. The Macedonian team is consisted of 8 people aged 20-25 (hurray hurray finally no toddlers :) cause in the previous experiences we worked with 14-18 years participants)
Basically working with a project like LoFT was an astronomic challenge since it is all about activating and empowering young people, and that is what C8 does as well.

And the 1st part of our game of cooperation with LOFT included: Cre8ive8 to run a teambuilding session for the Macedonian LOFT team. Or to be more precise, that means that our task was to rumble the LOFT team, to awaken the team spirit, and let the creative animals escape the ZOO :) Therefore, we started the team building session with the famous animal game. Luckily, the security cameras didn't capture sound, cause I'm sure that the security would have been on alert if they had heard the wild animal sounds produced during this game. In addition, we fed the 'hungry animals' with the 'Fruit Salad' that was the second warm up game. These 2 small games, which relaxed our LOFT team, were just the beginning for the real challenge that was coming. Opening the door of the ultrawild metacreative world of film that was. We provided a short lecture revealing few of the secrets of writing a storyboard and using a camera. And then, the LOFT team was put on test: unleashing their creativity for start and making up the most cre8ive story for toothpaste commercial. If you can imagine your white healthy tooth as a sexy girl, and a black unhealty tooth as an unattractive guy chasing her, and all that happening in your mouth at this very moment cause you are don't use toothpaste, than you can imagine the creativity this team showed :) . The rest will be revealed in the C8 year 8888 :)

The next part of the game involved real filming task: the team was divided in 2 groups each working on a short clip on presenting the Macedonian LOFT team. So, as a result of this teambuilding in the C8 lab, we have two funny and brilliant short films presenting the activities of the Macedonian LOFT team.

The end :)

More details will be revealed again in the C8 year of 8888 on the 8th of the eight… stay tuned till then :)


Anonymous said...

E, decki, decki, kazete sto ubavo si se druzevme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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