Thursday, April 26, 2007

The C8 People :)

These are the people that make Cre8ive8 Cre8ive8 :) Each one of them is a world of its own ... this is actually our "who is who" list from BSSS 06. Since then the team counts 4 members more which by C8's tradition are called the Newbies. Will add their profiles soon .....

Specimen N. C8801 / Alexander

This specimen is quite unique. It is believed that his insanity, humour and love for vine have not yet been matched. Though, a potential danger to all female interviewees, Alexander seems to have quite a relaxing effect on his team mates. If you are allergic to laughing, please do not get anywhere near him. Nevertheless, despite his “extremely cheerful” attitude towards things he usually takes his assignments seriously.

What you might need to ask him: Does he ever recall being abducted by aliens?

Specimen N. C8810 / Irena

You’ll find his specimen exceptional. Among her fellow colleagues Irena is known as one of the most enthusiastic and joyful ones. Charismatic, systematic, and full of life, working with her has been a pleasure and a privilege. However be careful if sharing a room with her she might come up with fiddly passwords and threaten you with one of her 3 toothbrushes. So far we’ve evaluated her as a good friend and reliable teammate.

What you might need to ask her: What really happened on the last night of BSSS 05?

Specimen N. C88178 / Dzadze

We call her Dzadze you can do the same...We have to warn you about her great optimism, her laughter which never goes away and is used for charming when necessary - be careful:)

She is mostly known for her endless creativity though. She's the newest and youngest member in our team, but take her signature as soon as possible cause tomorrow she might be living in Hollywood like a famous actress. If you see someone madly parachuting in the air that might be her and her second wish coming true... She adores monkeys so if you buy her one she'll adore you too :)
So that's all folks!

Specimen N. C8811 / Martin

Martin: If you cannot locate this guy, try the nearest mountain for he loves high places and is always on the look out for new adventures. On the other hand, Martin is this quite tall violin player that enjoys photography and can fix your computer before you say: “C-O-F-F-E-E A-D-D-I-C-T”

What you might need to ask him: How does he know what direction to take if it’s raining?

Specimen N. C8812 / Vesna

She’s a cheese and beer – loving dreamer like creature who loves to observe and experiment. Very open minded and cheerful, Vesna has been accused of working hard and sleeping a lot so .. you do the math:-) She’s not always organised and never at home. It is believed that she has a photographic memory and a sense a humor twice her size. Dzidza is her alter ego and she does have a thing for blogs :)

What you might need to ask her: Is it true that her baby turtle managed to escape from her?

Specimen N. C8805/ Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov Once cl

assified as an organism, and once classified as a mammal, he contradicts himself constantly by releasing thou

ghts in the air that travel through the ear drum or the retina to the brain. Hunting for some nice compact truth and some leftover reality is his main obsession, while driving out the squirrels to their own dimension is his hobby. He says HI, and has independent locomotion on each ear.

Specimen N. C8802 / Boro

One of the tallest specimens you’ll ever see. You’ll get neck pains just by looking at him. So far he has established himself as a capable Sounds Maestro and a truly artistic photographer. What’s interesting about Boro is that regardless of his dark humour and the face of a naughty boy he obviously has, he’s an extremely pleasant and original young man (don’t tell him we said this). He also says he’s musically gifted .. that is yet to be proven:-)
What you might need to ask him: What’s it like to see everything from a bird’s viewpoint?

Specimen N. C8807 / Vladislav

He walks, he talks and he thinks like a computer genious. This specimen is the equipment guy in the team. Analysis show that this experienced and confident creature knows how to live life in a non-binary fashion. Very outgoing and communicative you can easily locate him at night, drinking ness coffee and discussing technicalities.

What you might need to ask him: What’s his favourite number .. 1 or 0? :-)

Specimen N. C8806 / Boris
You will probably see this specimen the least. The reason for this might be because he’s vibrating with the speed of sound. Always partying and never at home, Boris has shown the professionalism required within a team. Of course this does not stop him from being childish and adventurous most of the time. .

What you might need to ask him: Does he realise that he’s giving people a “short hair” complex?

Specimen N. C8814/ Eleonora

The info received directly from this specimen is little due to short observation time. However, the info gathered from her fellow specimens is absolutely overwhelming. She has been recognized as a skilled leader, good friend and a journalist you shouldn’t play around with:-). Eleonora is always up to new challenges and ready to amaze people with her ideas, enthusiasm and passion for work.
What you might need to ask her: Does she realise how much she was missed?

What would I like to ask her: Can she smuggle you to Lisbon?

Specimen N. C8818 / Andrew

This specimen is truly intriguing. He honestly thinks he’s a Mallard. And what’s even stranger is that everyone around him believes this absolutely unsubstantiated story. This blue – eyed enthusiast is well known for his kitchen parties and flying abilities. A courageous man who believes that impossible is nothing. Andrew not only went after his dream of C8 but now has to deal with them every day:-). Our research shows that this Mallard is considered one of the most inspiring feather creatures Macedonian youth has ever seen. This Mallard is convinced that growing up is optional.

What you might need to ask him: What's it like to fly?

Specimen N. C8819 / Paul

This English-speaking, camera addicted, fearless Skylord suffers from the same illness like everyone else from this group. Only Paul believes he’s a Teddy Bear. We’ve tried to convince him that bears don’t fly … but every attempt has failed. Professional and encouraging, this beer – loving furry creature is a true nutter for young people. Throughout training and mentoring the younger specimens, he has empowered and showed them how to use the power of film and media to realise ideas. Warning, he’s known for his ability to bring out the best in people, so if you don’t wanna ruin your reputation stay away. Always lovable and goofy…

What would I like to ask him: Does beer - healing – therapy work?

Specimen N. C8820 / Eli

You can easily spot this one. Huge smile, big brown eyes and the truly inspiring effect she has on people. Her case is the worst, I’m afraid. She claims to be an imaginary mythical creature called The Treehuger. Though, hard working and busy during daylight, or outgoing and dynamic during the night, her positive energy and optimism are highly contagious. This true professional in the art of living is the team’s leader.

What would I like to ask her: When is she planning to buy a van so that the whole team can fit in it?


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