Monday, April 30, 2007

Youth Sport Action!

How about some thrill in April? Golden sunsets for the eyes, sand of friendship, lake of cultures, youth in the air. This is a story from our flight with wings in the waters of creativity. A flight like this does not only require having a ticket... You also need to open your mind widely and challenge yourself. Or open your lens, and turn the record button on, if you are a camera. Enough Literature. It's time for a history briefing: The cre8ive8 cameras run the battle, during the Youth, Sport, Action (YSA) event (Solar system, Earth, Europe, Macedonia, 10-14 April 2007). A team of 4 cameras was nominated to lead the team of 8 cre8ive8 people. And what the cameras have seen is 200 young people endorsing youth through sport and culture, cre8ive8 being cre8ive again, and action being activated. The Smart Big Sony High Definition camera interested in statistics found out that young people from 11 different countries from all around Europe stayed in Ohrid for 5 days and 4 nights. Each county representative were consisted of a team of 10 young people. Furthermore, each country team paired with a team from different city from the UK in the process of developing their project…enough statistics… The old wise Big Canon preferring philosophy, always looking for causes and purposes, said that the purpose of the event was promotion of the universal sport values through challenging games, fun, teambuilding spiced up with interactive learning and developing skills and confidence. While the cameras were wandering around catching some quite interesting footage, a team of 3 charmingly cre8ive ladies worked together with HCH (his cre8ive highness) Mr. Oxo on training the filmmakers group on developing film and media magic powers. Meanwhile, the Editing suite keyboard and mouse worked intensively on editing. The cre8ive mouse physician witnessed the phenomenon: The editing velocity was continually increasing, due to the augmented frequency of the cre8ive waves. In less than 15 hours of wild montage ride, a 9 min clip, depicting the Ohrid event activities, was created. And finally, the cre8ive8 headphones present in the role of psychiatrist, reported that the atmosphere was completely enjoyable, the brain cells were exposed on positive energy vibrations, the synapses were amplified as a result of the open mindedness & communication shocks, the muscles were strengthened after the late hours dancing, as well as the Ohrid sightseeing, only the middle ear complained about the wild music in the disco. All in all, this is absolutely not all. The YSA event was definitely an experience that toughened the muscles of cre8ive8, challenged our stamina, and offered 1000% fun for the Cre8ive8 cameras, and 100000% for Cre8ive8 beings…of course.

As you can see the month of April has been quite thrilling for the Cre8ive8 dudes!

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