Thursday, July 05, 2007

BSSS 2007 "Challenge yourself"

It's the final countdown before 3 cre8ive8 t-shirts and 3 carbon-based cre8ive beings wearing them set off for the hot peanut-ish south-east city of Strumica, where this year's Blue
Sky summer school is taking place. So, dear beloved participants of Blue Sky summer school 2007, get ready for 6 cre8ive hands, 3 heads, 3 cre8ive livers, minimum 1800 cre8ive muscles, plus 60 fingers & toes. As moving towards the south you will not only witness the thermometers' temperatures increase, but you will also notice an amazing activity in the right hemisphere of the cre8ive brains. The diagnose is nothing else but 'blueskyius excitement fever' spreading all around. It is believed that the cre8ive8 beings are one of the most dangerous hosts of that virus, since they have been exposed to it in the last 4 years. This is supported by strong evidence comprised in the C8 team that will attend bsss07.
Proof No.1 known under the name of Aleksandar Mickov, the truly craziest cre8ivestein who has attended all Blue sky summer schools since the be
ginning of the cre8ive era, in 2004.
Proof No. 2 is Mr. Damjan CD, who has reached the top of the evolution (just metaphorically speaking :) starting as a participant in BSSS 2004, than transforming into admin, followed by the transformation of an group leader, and now finally being a cre8ivestein at BSSS07. And the last (but not the least) is Irena (Proof No. 3) as part of the C8 BSSS07 team whose role will mainly be to reduced ch
ase away any posible doze of sanity left in the C8 team :). Two more cre8ivesteins will be there on the spot (Dzida and oxo) but this time infiltrated about the teachers and the organising team.

The official team of 3 C8 people (except for making the summer school look more beautiful :), will also have the task of documenting the summer school activities, making interviews, producing cre8ive promo clips afterwards, as well as work on catching tones of juicy footage. The interstellar communicability and quest for new filmmaking talents will also be a feature that the cre8ivestents will have with them, thus encouraging all interested and enthusiastic participants not to doubt even for a millisecond to share an idea with Cre8ive8.

So long for now, much more after the Cre8ive Blue Sky crimes :)

Your faithful reporter,

The Cre8ive8 Clapping Board :)


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