Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"Finally, I have the opportunity to share my story"- Suze (Participant)

 This was a sentence that would reflect the first series of the Imagine Your Future workshops that took place in the premises of Metamorphosis. Eight young people from different backgrounds and with different profiles came together from 15 to 19 October to voice their life stories, stories that not only matter to them, but are also very relevant to the whole world. The participants were given the opportunity to develop new skills and to widen their knowledge about digital storytelling and film making. The event seemed to be the right place to grow new and lasting friendships. At the end, the DigiTales created by the participants were put on screen and each one ended with applause and smiles on everyone's faces. The workshops was facilitated by a training team of Cre8ive8 (Ena, Lex, Martin, Bris, Dzadze & Elena as a host).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cre8ive8s stroll in the nature

Monty Pythons flying circus? Noooo! It was just another sunny day for C8. Yet, this time was different.. it was Team building, but without official so called "team building activities". We did it our way. Photo session, jumping and dancing, teasing, bullying etc were our main objectives with one goal .. team creativity! Even though we didnt film a lot, we did had great time. Sunny weather was on our side ...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cre8ive Managers Wanted!

Cre8ive8 Youth Media Production announces its
'Quest for New Management Cre8ive Heads :)'

For all who are:
- in the mood to do some managing,
- strategically oriented and cre8ive fellows,
- young, talented and good in organising,
- planing gurus,
- or just extremely interested...

Your unique opportunity to become a part of the Management Team of one of the most prosperous Youth Media Productions ever known.


1. HuMan ReSources ManAger for:
- managing human resources
- organising trainings
- inspiring and motivating

2. OffIce ManАger for:
- managing office and materials
- managing administration
- managing finance

3. PR ManAger for:
- managing public relations
- brand building
- managing promotion

Applicants should be between 18 and 30 years of age and located in Skopje.
Duration of the positions: 1 (one) year
Previous experience is welcomed but not obligatory.

What is Cre8ive8

Cre8ive8 is a youth media production that brings together film enthusiasts aged 15-27.
The Cre8ive8 team encompasses young talented people who use film and media as tools to express their ideas and reach other young people worldwide.
The mission of Cre8ive8 is to inspire and empower young people and, thus, encourage them to promote their voice and make a difference in their and other people's lives by using film and various multimedia forms. Most importantly, Cre8ive8 is something you most definitely want to be A PART OF!

... Discover the world of creative management...

... meet other talented young people ...
... acquire valuable experience ...
... say ' yes ' to all the new opportunities coming your way ...
... become a part of the Cre8ive8's own film!

The only thing you need to do is fill out the application !!!


The selection process will take place in Skopje, between 27th and 31st June 2008.

Wishing you some very inspiring moments,
Cre8ive8 Youth Media Production

Потрага по водители и водителки

Cre8ive8 Youth Media Production & HD Produkcija
Ви најавуваат креативнa High Definition
'Потрага по ТВ водители и водителки'

Водители и водителки за
'Емисија за нови технологии, мобилни телефони и Интернет'
Search files > all:
- водителски таленти,
- новинари претенденти,
- или секој шармантен адолесцент,
- кој сака да биде во IT тренд,
- ...
Advanced search options:
> by any or all of the criteria bellow <
- Cool физички изглед,
- Опуштеност пред камера,
- Гласовна способност, чист македонски говор и правилен изговор,
- Познавања од областа на компјутери и други технологии се предност
- Оптимална возраст 20-25 години.
- ...
Сите заинтересирани се повикуваат
да пратат mail со лични податоци
(име, презиме, дата на раѓање и контакт телефон)
на најдоцна до 21.06.2008.
- ...
Search results:
- ...
Селекцијата и кастингот ке се случуваат
крајот на Јуни во Скопје.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh happy day :-)

Oh happy day ...

the crazy youth media production now has a brand new web site ;)

Be gentle on us though .... it's still in the process of building :P

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cre8ive8's "e" wins People's Choice Award on the Skopje Film Festival

Dear friends and everyone else who might have stumbled on to this blog, it is our greatest pleasure to announce that Cre8ive8's one minute film called "e" has won the People's Choice Award on the 11th Skopje Film Festival.

You can find the official announcement here:

About "e"

The film called "e" aims to show the simplicity and omnipresence of communication. Thus, the film connects a sequence of scenes which do not seem to have anything in common upon first look. The point behind "e", however, is that communication is actually the relation of all that exists, from natural phenomena which man cannot change, to events with are distinctive for humans. This is the precise reason why we used the title "e", meaning "is", because communication simply "is". In other words, we wanted to sent out a message to the audience saying that everything in existence, including our universe, is actually a product of communication. We aimed at making the film as simple as possible, allowing it to make a more important point beyond the obvious.

After all, beauty lies in simplicity :-)

Technical info

The whole clip was created in 2-3 days, and all its components have been created by Cre8ive8 members, including the soundtrack called "Pro-letni lastovicki" that was composed by one of our members.

Duration: 1 min
Camera: Aleksandar Mickov & Martin Angelovski
Editing: Irena Efremovska
Technical assistant: Vesna Ilievska
Music: "Pro-letni lastovicki" by Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov
Dancer: Yelmaz Dervishi

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Featured Post: Mission Successful

Article published on the LoFT Macedonia blog on 07.03.2008

We are very happy to say that our main event, the photography exhibition” Youth Influence” went with huge success. The exhibition started with an opening speech by the coordinator of the project Andreja Bogdanovski, saying a short info about the project. Mr. Ivan Blazev said more on the photography workshops and the experience he had while working with the group. One of the many highlights of the evening was the presentation of the Youth Influence video clips to the audience, which were made with the support of the independent youth media production Cre8ive8. The main part followed, many people donated money for the school for visual impaired children Dimitar Vlahov in Skopje, thus investing in better educational resources. We had a good media coverage as well. Two of the national televisions were present at the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that HMA of the Republic of Slovenia in Macedonia participated in the event as well.

Great success for all of the LoFT Macedonia team. Without their enthusiasm and hard work this wouldn’t have become a reality.

Our congrats to all three teams (LoFT Bosnia and Herzegovina, LoFT Macedonia and the Cre8ive8 team) who worked hard side by side on the making of these wonderful videos :)