Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cre8ive8's "e" wins People's Choice Award on the Skopje Film Festival

Dear friends and everyone else who might have stumbled on to this blog, it is our greatest pleasure to announce that Cre8ive8's one minute film called "e" has won the People's Choice Award on the 11th Skopje Film Festival.

You can find the official announcement here:


About "e"

The film called "e" aims to show the simplicity and omnipresence of communication. Thus, the film connects a sequence of scenes which do not seem to have anything in common upon first look. The point behind "e", however, is that communication is actually the relation of all that exists, from natural phenomena which man cannot change, to events with are distinctive for humans. This is the precise reason why we used the title "e", meaning "is", because communication simply "is". In other words, we wanted to sent out a message to the audience saying that everything in existence, including our universe, is actually a product of communication. We aimed at making the film as simple as possible, allowing it to make a more important point beyond the obvious.

After all, beauty lies in simplicity :-)

Technical info

The whole clip was created in 2-3 days, and all its components have been created by Cre8ive8 members, including the soundtrack called "Pro-letni lastovicki" that was composed by one of our members.

Duration: 1 min
Camera: Aleksandar Mickov & Martin Angelovski
Editing: Irena Efremovska
Technical assistant: Vesna Ilievska
Music: "Pro-letni lastovicki" by Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov
Dancer: Yelmaz Dervishi

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