Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cre8ive Managers Wanted!

Cre8ive8 Youth Media Production announces its
'Quest for New Management Cre8ive Heads :)'

For all who are:
- in the mood to do some managing,
- strategically oriented and cre8ive fellows,
- young, talented and good in organising,
- planing gurus,
- or just extremely interested...

Your unique opportunity to become a part of the Management Team of one of the most prosperous Youth Media Productions ever known.


1. HuMan ReSources ManAger for:
- managing human resources
- organising trainings
- inspiring and motivating

2. OffIce ManАger for:
- managing office and materials
- managing administration
- managing finance

3. PR ManAger for:
- managing public relations
- brand building
- managing promotion

Applicants should be between 18 and 30 years of age and located in Skopje.
Duration of the positions: 1 (one) year
Previous experience is welcomed but not obligatory.

What is Cre8ive8

Cre8ive8 is a youth media production that brings together film enthusiasts aged 15-27.
The Cre8ive8 team encompasses young talented people who use film and media as tools to express their ideas and reach other young people worldwide.
The mission of Cre8ive8 is to inspire and empower young people and, thus, encourage them to promote their voice and make a difference in their and other people's lives by using film and various multimedia forms. Most importantly, Cre8ive8 is something you most definitely want to be A PART OF!

... Discover the world of creative management...

... meet other talented young people ...
... acquire valuable experience ...
... say ' yes ' to all the new opportunities coming your way ...
... become a part of the Cre8ive8's own film!

The only thing you need to do is fill out the application !!!


The selection process will take place in Skopje, between 27th and 31st June 2008.

Wishing you some very inspiring moments,
Cre8ive8 Youth Media Production

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