Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Somewhere in the second week of December 2 little (or not so little :) Cre8ives were invited to work & document the 1st Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament for SEE ... SEE the Future. Vesna (Dzi :) and Alex were their names. But that was not all. Since in most stores when you buy 2 u get 1 plus .. on our biggest delight we had one C8 member joining us who's role this time was strictly EYP-ish.
That was Tamara and she was an Orga (- nizer - of course :) And so together this lovely trio, supporting each other, worked brilliantly together (whether we had problems or ran out of alchocol). Joking .. :) What we can say about the Session was that it was a very intensive and exausting event, on which people had a lot of fun but at the same time learned many things. If you are interested in how the Session looked like - the What Makes a Session link on their website should give u a good clue. We have to add that the parties were very good and that perhaps it wasn't as bad that sometimes we were feeling cold since it motivated us to go and mingle. We believe that C8 left a very good impression on this Session and left a very professional image behind with the people that attended it. Proof of this, lies in the Cumu article in which we were included and of course became famous again. Autogram signing is tomorrow :P Hehe .. anyhow ... a 5 min official clip was made of the event and finished about a week ago.
Hope u like it!

P.S> I'm afraid that this is the part when we'd have to mention the President of the Session Ms. Elena Stavrevska and thank her for the endless support, all those nights spent in laughter and of course the lovely gatherings were she threatened us that "We would be creating outside :)" if we didn't quiet down. It was Alex's fault :D

That's all amigos! Astaluego :)

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