Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Aladdin in Chinatown :)

… All I want for Christmas is you… is what Mariah Carry would say. But if you ask Cre8ive8, they would definitely ask for another Pantomime. And if you ask why, you will certainly get the simplest answer. Because it was on of the most exciting, enjoyable, amusing, amazing, funny, interesting, puzzling, brilliant, thrilling, hilarious events we ever took part in. Aladdin in China, extremely positive people of all ages taking the challenge of acting, fascinating story, fascinated audience, great scene set up, and even greater back stage atmosphere is a short depiction of what was happening for more than 7200 seconds. And the eye of Cre8ive8 was there to film it all. We put the evidence of that amazing crime, which is considered to be a traditional English Christmas play, happening in Macedonia for second time this year, on 5 tapes, filmed from 3 different cameras. Thanks to the warm and friendly team, which was responsible for this play, we managed to make interviews with almost all of the actors, including the British Ambassador, and the director of the play. We also did what we always do, which is catching much juicy footage. No more words are needed, because the DVD we have produced tells more than 1000 words of what was happening during the Pantomime. So, hope you will have the creative chance to take a look at it.

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