Monday, December 11, 2006

What are we having for dinner tonight? ... Beer & chocolate?!

19-23 November was the time when Cre8ive 8 decided that they would become expansive, hence Tamara, Martin and Stefan were sent to the EU & ME conference to Brussels, Belgium. Discussions and workshops were held on a daily bases during this period, and these 3 Cre8ives managed to cover all of them, plus some incriminating shots of participants swilling divine and absolutely delicious Belgian beer!
None of the participants were camera shy, nor were the MEPs (Members of European Parliament) who were interviewed in the enormous building of the Parliament. Attentively following our work throughout were Elizabeta Jovanovska and Andrew Hadley, and of course our dear friends from Blue Sky, Andreja, Sofia and Igor.
Accidentally meeting Robert Jankulovski and his photography team from Macedonia, was a good opportunity to see ancient Macedonian pictures on the walls of the Parliament’s substantial building. These two teams were a happy combination to film and show the Macedonian audience where and how our culture is being presented.
Overall, the experience was invaluable, the team worked smoothly, we became a small family, and we tasted the best beer and Belgian chocolates that were ever made!

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